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USA Election Day, harbinger for good #gov20 and #opengov progress?

Today is the mid-term election day in the USA.  Anticipated changes in the House of representatives and potentially our Senate.  Unsure how reliable those polls are.  The map above will give you an accurate view of what is actually in play (at least until election day, not sure the code will be active after that).

The question is, will the potential changes lead to advancement or retreat of the efforts of the Government 2.0 Movement?  It could go in either direction.  If a new breed of politician comes in, they may be interested in open government data as a platform to allow for a more sustainable government moving forward.  Or they may view technology as an albatross around the neck of government and take the misstep of throttling ICT expenditures.

Whether there is a change in the makeup of Congress or not, the movement depends upon each of us to take the responsibility our elves to push this agenda forward.  To speak passionately about the issues to everyone who will listen and strategically address newcomers to the arena so they understand the arguments and can formulate a new direction. 

New Governors will need playbooks (as will their CIO’s).  Mayor’s will need to have a 60-day plan to push toward a platform.  Policy advisers will need to know how to leverage ICT to balance their budgets.  Transition teams need candidates for positions (and we should provide some of our soldiers to that effort).

In every movement any shift in dynamic is an opportunity to move forward.  This is such an opportunity in the US.  And every election on the planet is the same if we are organized and ready to take on the challenge.

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