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Frequently asked questions

Where is Matt from?

As any of you who know him know, Matt is from Wisconsin. Born, bred, raised, educated, married and more in God's Country.

The politics on FixingPotholes is hard to figure out?

Tell me about it. I was born into a union household. But it was building trades not publiuc sector. I studied labor law at University of Wisconsin and worked as Counsel for most of the big public sector unions including AFSCME, SEIU, APWU and more. At the same time I married into a family where my new father in law was the head of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the Milwaukee Area Chamber. When Kathleen and I were married, electeds from all sides of the fence came and had a great time. I learned most of my technology chops from a group of libertarian venture capitalists, but also ran for State Assembly as a Democrat and worked for years for a great Democratic Governor as well as members of congress. And since that time I have served in many executive roles at places like Microsoft, Salesforce, Digital Realty and Socrata. So good luck figuring out my politics.

Some of this goes way back...

Yep, the original writings went back to 2007. And while GoDaddy tried to kill it, I was saved by

So what's next?

I gave up trying to predict it. For certain, it will be very cool.