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  • Where is Matt from?
    As any of you who know him know, Matt is from Wisconsin. Born, bred, raised, educated, married and more in God's Country.
  • The politics on FixingPotholes is hard to figure out?
    Tell me about it. I was born into a union household. But it was building trades not publiuc sector. I studied labor law at University of Wisconsin and worked as Counsel for most of the big public sector unions including AFSCME, SEIU, APWU and more. At the same time I married into a family where my new father in law was the head of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the Milwaukee Area Chamber. When Kathleen and I were married, electeds from all sides of the fence came and had a great time. I learned most of my technology chops from a group of libertarian venture capitalists, but also ran for State Assembly as a Democrat and worked for years for a great Democratic Governor as well as members of congress. And since that time I have served in many executive roles at places like Microsoft, Salesforce, Digital Realty and Socrata. So good luck figuring out my politics.
  • Some of this goes way back...
    Yep, the original writings went back to 2007. And while GoDaddy tried to kill it, I was saved by
  • So what's next?
    I gave up trying to predict it. For certain, it will be very cool.
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