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Unity in Eurozone a sign of possible #gov20 Opportunity?

New commitment to European Unity could spell opportunity for #gov20?

French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel came out in at least a verbal commitment to increased unity in the Eurozone today.  While the also downplayed the possibility of a EuroBond they also pointed toward a desired harmonization on taxation (hint, hint to Ireland).  This post is not a debate as to whether or not any of these is a good idea (I, of course, have opinions on that) but rather a discussion about whether it could bring to the fore a new European opportunity for advanced thinking on Open Government and Government as a Platform on the continent.

Is this a possibility for Open311 style cooperation?  Could Europe serve citizens like customers in a common way?  Could they embrace the cloud in a common way?  I recall a meeting I had with the Irish Ambassador a few months back discussing the cloud and needs for harmonization.  

Could this push us all in that direction?

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