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Top 5 Social Entrepreneurs and Enterprises #Soc5

Social Enterprise Revolution #soc5

I see incredible examples of social enterprises every day.  Both at my job and on the run, the corporate world has not only caught on, but are actively working the social opportunities out there.  Some are good, some are great, a few don’t even come close, but nearly all of them are trying.  I hope to be able to keep the #soc5 coming as often as possible but no less than once per week.  A quick look will show you what is going on out there.  Take what applies to your own enterprise and make your social world shine!

As background recall that the Social Enterprise is an organization that has figured out how to leverage social media to accomplish its strategic goals.  These can be any type of goals be they public, private, non-profit, local, etc.  I will focus on some of the more innovative ones out there, but they need not be new, but should simply push forward your goals.

Submitting them.  You can submit me any ideas you have.  Email me your thoughts, let me know what the organization is, what their goals are and how they leveraged the Social Enterprise.  Its that simple.  The criteria.  Dunno.  Basically, this is my analysis of the effectiveness and innovation in the ideas.  How well they are deployed may be taken into account as well.  Not sure yet 📷

So, bring them on.  For now, I will give an example.


Angela Ahrends, Burberry CEO, clearly gets the social enterprise.  Not just in theory (although she clearly understands that) but in practice.  She has stated that she does not understand what any company’s business model is in 5 years if it does not embrace social.  It is vital for a company’s chief executive to get it like she does.  But, she doesnt just get it in principle.  Check out and get the Burberry image streaming through your devices.  Her leverage of sound, video, imagery to support her brand is magical.  Check out the artofthetrench tab and you will hear it and see it.  Note the tight integration with Facebook and ability to “Upload your trench” directly.  She leveraged Twitter to pre-launch her Runway Collection prior to the show.  Burberry gets that this isnt about simply being on social media it is about deep engagement.  Best example I can think of a Social Enterprise today.

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