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A new call to industrial growth

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

The private sector needs to stand up again.

First NYC Subway created by the Private Sector

Continuing my ongoing call for the new industrial players to stand up and own growth, this post will deal with the concrete connection between technology deployment and concrete economic growth. I am differentiating deployment from research. And while I believe research and development is vital, I also believe the speed of the modern business environment requires that research by actively and instantly deployed to garner the maximum effect on global economic growth.

There are several reasons for this distinction. First, the gap between research and application creates a growing gap in productivity gains from research. Second, the nature of modern means of production eliminates the need for the separation as proven by cloud deployment models, rapid manufacturing and the agile methods of modern application deployment.

Instead of public policy simply pouring into funding random acts of research, if that funding could partially target actual deployment of modern forms of digital production the economic impacts would be profound. On top of actual productive technology deployments, see eBay example, environmental improvements could be more easily realized.  PUE gains in datacenters are often relegated to extremely large customers who can afford to acquire the risk of new tech deployments. Imagine what could be possible if multiple energy savings initiatives could hit the field in real projects where energy consumption could be radically reduced AND cost per kilowatt could radically improve data productivity.

It is time to blow past our political differences and get back to work.

And I need to be clear that there is little to no need for Government to get involved in the actual capitalization process.  Cash on the balance sheets of current enterprises could fund the initiatives in a very serious way.  And with zero bureaucratic overhead.  By leveraging expertise in multiple fields, including, of course, my chosen field of datacenter solutions 📷 , enterprises could indeed be building the infrastructure for a more modern society (and one that is more sustainable as well).

As an example, most people mistakenly believe that Government built the NYC Subway System.  When in fact Industrialists of that time did.  We need folks to stand up and invest in the most efficient deployments of datacenter capacity across the globe.  To ensure that capacity is there to support healthcare, public safety, commerce, entertainment, media, energy exploration and life saving big data analytics now and well into our mutual future.

It is time to blow past our political differences and get back to work.

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